Best Retro Game Stores Near Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

Retro Video Game Stores Near Cleveland and NE Ohio in 2023

Ohio isn’t the most exciting state, which is why a lot of people just stay inside playing retro video games (especially during these times). Fortunately, there are a lot of retro game stores near Cleveland and the surrounding areas in Northeast Ohio.

So buy a classic game from your childhood and support a local small business. Here are the best retro game stores near Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

Video Game Connection – Cleveland, Ohio

Video Game Connection

Video Game Connection is probably Cleveland’s most established retro game store. This cozy video game shop has been serving the community for over 20 years. Video Game Connection is packed to the brim with video games, consoles, and accessories. And they’re always receiving new trade ins. It’s definitely worth popping in every so often just to see what “new” items are on the shelves.

Video Game Nirvana – Madison, Ohio

Video Game Nirvana

Video Game Nirvana is one of the newest retro game stores near the Cleveland area. It’s nestled in the comfy small town of Madison, and the relaxing drive to Madison is reason enough to visit this shop. You’ll always find something new to pick up at Video Game Nirvana — they even carry big box PC games!

Retroaholics – Canton, Ohio

Retroaholics is one of the newest retro video game stores in Northeast Ohio. The store always has a nice selection games and everything is reasonably priced. The store also offers consignment opportunities for smaller sellers who want to sell their games or products in the store.

Play N Trade – Mayfield Heights, Ohio

Play N Trade

Play N Trade is another shop that you should check in to every now and then. Compared to other retro game stores in the area, Play N Trade’s prices are very reasonable. It’s easy to find yourself walking out with several games each visit.

The Exchange Stores – Cleveland, Ohio (Multiple Locations)

The Exchange Stores

If you live in Northeast Ohio and you’re a fan of retro games, chances are that you’ve been to The Exchange. When you walk into The Exchange, you’ll be greeted with video games, toys, collectibles, music, DVDs, and more. Try visiting all of their locations scattered throughout Northeast Ohio (and beyond) to see what hidden gems you can find. If you’re a frequent customer, it’s recommended that you sign up for a free customer rewards card, which will accumulate discounts on your next purchases.

Electronics Flip – Lyndhurst, Ohio (Multiple Locations)

Electronics Flip

Electronics Flip is an awesome chain of shops in Northeast Ohio that sells video games, consoles, electronics, and other media. They have locations in Lyndhurst, Warrensville Heights, and Painesville.

Retro Fresh – Massillon, Ohio

Retro Fresh

Another relatively new retro game store in Northeast Ohio is Retro Fresh, which is located right off Lincoln Way, making it currently the only retro game store in Massillon as far as we’re aware.

This store is packed with games just ready to be picked if you can manage to score a good deal with the owner. It’s worth checking out if you’re in the area.

James Games & More – Lakewood, Ohio

James Games & More

James Games & More is a video game store in Lakewood, Ohio. You’ll surely get your retro gaming fix at James Games & More, but they also sell some plushies and collectibles. If you’re in the area, you’d be remiss to pass up a visit.

The Attic Collectibles – Barberton, Ohio

The Attic Collectibles

The Attic Collectibles has a little bit of everything — retro video games, consoles, toys from the 80s and 90s, comic books, electronics, trading cards, and so much more. And the best part is that The Attic Collectibles has terrific prices. If you stop by, you’ll probably walk out with more than video games.

Hartville Flea Market – Hartville, Ohio

Hartville Flea Market

While Hartville Flea Market isn’t a retro game store, you’ll always find people selling games. Hartville Flea Market is one of the largest outdoor flea markets in the area, so you’ll find a little bit of everything. Be warned — it’s a bit of a gamble. Sometimes you’ll walk out empty-handed, but other times you’ll score a ton of games for ridiculously low prices.


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One thought on “Retro Video Game Stores Near Cleveland and NE Ohio in 2023

  1. I’ve been to retro fresh in Massillon, Oh, and I can tell you it is not worth the trip. The store is cluttered, dirty and impassable to get through. We waited for about an hour and a half to look at a game console, because he was too busy talking to a customer about wrestling. And there was only 3 people in the store, which if more than 5 customers go inside you will fall over all the clutter, or each other. When he finally come to help us, he was rude. We asked for the console, which was stacked upon one another in the corner out of sight. When he handed it to me it was filthy, broken, and had a loose piece inside rattling around. He wanted $130 for it. It wasn’t worth $25. I have heard from other retailers how bad he is toward them.
    Well, all I can say is BUYER BEWARE, he is over priced and his items smell mildewed. Plenty of cool things, yes.

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