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Polymega Finally Shipped N64 Modules and It Was a Disaster

The Polymega has been mired in controversy since its inception. Throughout the year, Polymega has made promises (like the web app announcement) only to back out of them last minute. And since their announced partnership with Atari in July, Polymega has been radio silent on social media.

But there was a Christmas miracle. Completely out of the blue, Polymega customers began receiving notifications that their Ultra Module (for N64 games) had been shipped. Under normal circumstances, this might have been considered great news for customers who have been waiting for months or years for their order.

However there were a couple big issues. First, customers have reported that they still haven’t received their Polymega base unit from their 2021 order, meaning that their Ultra Module is as good as a paperweight.

According to a post on X: “Surprised they got this out on time! Currently still waiting 2 years on other modules and almost 3 on light gun…”

Another user wrote “this is really neat and all, but can you ship me the base unit I ordered in 2021 so that I can use this?”

Even if you happen to have a base unit, you’ll likely run into trouble. Polymega customers are reporting that their console crashes when trying to use their new module. According to social media posts, this is because the firmware has not been released yet.

One user wrote “so I managed to finally get the ultra module today even though I ordered the mega module first that still haven’t gotten that one. But when I plug this thing into the polymega it crashes the machine. What am I supposed to do? Literally just got it today.”

“It needs a firmware update but the firmware update it needs they haven’t released yet,” another user replied.

Polymega hasn’t issued an official public statement addressing either of these issues.


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