Polymega Turbo PC Engine Controller Review

The Best Affordable PC Engine Controller: Polymega Turbo Controller

Polymega’s wired retro controllers recently became available for purchase, and I managed to pick up the Polymega Turbo Controller for my PC Engine. While I don’t have a Polymega, and probably never will, their controllers seemed like a viable third-party option.

Do Polymega Controllers Work With Original Consoles?

Yes, Polymega wired controllers will work with your original consoles. You don’t need the Polymega console to use them. For example, the Polymega Turbo Controller will work right out of the box with your PC Engine, Coregrafx, and so on.

However, keep in mind that it’s is specifically made for the PC Engine, which means that you will need an adapter if you want to use it with your Turbografx-16.

Is the Polymega Turbo Controller a Good PC Engine Controller?

Overall, Polymega’s PC Engine controller is a suitable third-party option, especially considering the scarcity of OEM controllers available outside of Japan.

In a lot of ways Polymega’s wired controllers feel more premium compared to every other third-party offering. The first thing I noticed after unboxing the controller was the braided cord, which will ensure the controller will last longer and won’t tangle compared to a conventional PVC cord. Additionally, this controller features an ergonomic design, which feels more comfortable and natural than other controllers.

But arguably the most important part of a controller is the buttons. Fortunately, all of the buttons on my controller are very responsive and work as intended (which is more than I can say about a lot of third-party controllers). And since this is a 6-button controller, there is a switch to quickly change between 6-button mode and the normal 2-button mode.

You might be wondering about the “Polymega” button that would be utilized if you were using the controller with a Polymega. When i is plugged into a PC Engine or a Turbografx-16, the Polymega button acts as an additional “start” button.

The Polymega Turbo Controller is a pretty good PC Engine controller, and it’s definitely worth picking up.


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