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You Might Need To Wait 2 Years To Get An Analogue Pocket

Analogue announced a new set of pre-orders for the Analogue Pocket and revealed that previous pre-orders will begin shipping next Monday.

Those who gave Analogue their hard-earned cash up-front when pre-orders first began way back in August 2020 have been patiently waiting for their orders. After waiting for over a year with their money tied up, they’ll finally be receiving the product they paid for.

Unfortunately, it does not seem like Analogue is going to stop the trend of making customers wait. According to the company’s unexpected and sudden announcement on social media, customers who participate in the new pre-order starting on December 14th may end up having to wait until 2023 until they get their hands on the handheld depending on what “group” they are assigned to.

Groups are reportedly assigned on a first-come first-serve basis, but it’s not clear yet how big each of these groups will be and how quickly the spots will fill up. Some people have commented that they’re concerned most orders will end up in the 2023 group. Those customers may end up waiting up to 2 full years before they get their Analogue Pocket.

That’s not the only bad news that comes with this announcement. Analogue is also increasing the price of the handheld to $219 (plus the pricey shipping costs), citing “industry wide component price increases.”

And as usual with Analogue, the timing of their sudden announcement is at the worst time possible. Some Twitter users have criticized Analogue’s decision to start pre-orders right before the Holidays because many people are spending their money on gifts. And the fact that Analogue requires payment up-front only to hold on to your money for 2 years just puts salt in the wound.

Considering Analogue’s recent history with delays, there’s no guarantee when new pre-orders will actually be shipped, but hopefully everyone who wants one will end up getting one.


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