Mushroom Mountain Is an Epic Mushroom Lab South Carolina

If you’re interest in mycology or looking to grow mushrooms at home, you should check out Mushroom Mountain in Easley, South Carolina, one of the best mushroom research facilities in the United States.

Mushroom Mountain offers a variety of resources and services for those interested in mycology and mushroom cultivation.

For example, you can take a tour of Mushroom Mountain and take a peek inside their 50,000 square feet mushroom laboratory:

Starting with the life cycles and ecology of fungi, the tour winds through the laboratory and fruiting room spaces of the farm, where visitors will be able to see and hear about the entire process of spawn production and mushroom cultivation.

You’ll be able to witness how Mushroom Mountain houses and cultivates over 200 types of mushrooms, including over 20 edible varieties.

If you’re still eager to learn more after the tour, you can sign up for one of Mushroom Mountain’s workshops.

When you sign up for a cultivation workshop, you can learn how to grow your own mushrooms at home. You’ll learn about mushroom life cycles, participate in hands-on methods of cultivation, and design mushroom gardens. After the workshop is over, you’ll be able to take home instructions, an oyster fruiting kit and a shiitake log.

When you’re ready to grow mushrooms at home, you can head over to their store to buy useful supplies, kits, and mushroom spawn.

But Mushroom Mountain’s most exciting products are their mushroom extracts, or MYCOMATRIX as they named it. And these products are purported to have medicinal benefits, as seen on National Geographic.

One example is Mushroom Mountain’s “Mycomatrix Lionsmane Adaptogenic Mushroom Extract,” which is a water soluble food and beverage supplement based on the lion’s mane mushroom.

The lion’s mane mushroom has several health benefits, according to Mushroom Mountain. Some of these benefits are enhanced memory, improved cognitive function, and an enhanced immune system.

Mushrooms have a lot of potential and mycologists such as those at Mushroom Mountain are only beginning to unlock the secrets of mushrooms.


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